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Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences Hosts International Workshop on Atmospheric Scattering, Radiation, and Remote Sensing

Editor: 邵丹蕾     Author: Department of Atmospheric Sciences     Time: 2017-07-03      Number of visits :30

International Workshop on Atmospheric Scattering, Radiation, and Remote Sensing was hosted by the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, School of Earth Sciences, Zhejiang University,on June 26-28 at Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University. The meeting was launched by Professor Cao Long, Professor Bi Lei, Associate Professor Zhang Yuyu, Professor Ping Yang, Director of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M University, and invited the Chairman of the International Radiation Committee. President of the Korean Meteorological Society, Professor Byung-Ju Sohn of Seoul National University, Vice Chairman of the International Radiation Committee, Professor Peter Pilewskie of the University of Colorado, Professor of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Professor Peter Liss of the University of East Anglia, and many other well-known domestic scientists attended the Workshop.

With the changes in atmospheric environment and the development of detection technology, especially satellite remote sensing technology, atmospheric remote sensing and environmental monitoring are also playing an increasingly important role in the atmosphere and earth sciences. Aerosols and clouds are important components of the atmosphere and are the most uncertain factors in climate models; at the same time, aerosols can have a major impact on human health. Therefore, the radiation effects of aerosols and clouds and their remote sensing principles have important applications in global climate change, as well as environmental and air quality monitoring. The conference aims to promote the exchange of the latest achievements and applications in the field of atmospheric radiation and remote sensing at home and abroad, and to strengthen the understanding of Chinese scientists and technicians and their foreign counterparts.

The reports of this conference is divided into 6 themes, and a total of 27 scholars have made wonderful academic presentations. The report covers a wide range of topics, including atmospheric aerosol and cloud observations and methods, cloud and aerosol interactions and climate impacts, scattering of non-spherical particles, atmospheric radiation measurements, radiation transmission and radiation effects. Scholars from different countries have spoken and discussed actively, providing new perspectives, new ideas and new methods for the future development of particle scattering, atmospheric radiation, atmospheric detection, and climate change. This conference effectively promoted the research of Zhejiang University in related fields such as atmospheric radiation and remote sensing, and strengthened the connection and cooperation between our university and other universities and research institutes at home and abroad, for the follow-up personnel training and sustainable development of the above research fields. Development provides a fundamental foundation for the development.

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