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Wojciech Nemec Teaches Short-term Course at SES

Editor: 邵丹蕾     Author: Wei Xiaochun     Time: 2018-11-15      Number of visits :207

At the invitation of Associate Professor Zhang Fengqi from SES, world renowned sedimentologist, Professor Wojciech Nemec from University of Bergen offered a two-week short-term course named “Clastic Sedimentology and Facies Analysis” for postgraduate students at SES.

The short-term course was from October 15th to 30th and it was divided into three parts. The first part consisted of depositional processes and their recognition in sedimentary record. It gave an in-depth physical understanding of depositional processes and their sedimentological signatures with practical knowledge for the recognition of particular processes in the sedimentary record.

The second part focused on sedimentary facies analysis and gave a practical method and useful graphic technique for the analysis of vertical facies successions in outcrop or well-core logs, with a direct methodological link between sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy.

From October 26th to 27th, Professor Nemec together with teachers and students from SES took on a sedimentological field excursion in Lin’an and Fuyang district of Hangzhou as the final part of the short-term course. After the short-term course, Professor Nemec had academic discussions and exchanges with the research group from the structural geology team of SES, and gave them valuable suggestions and ideas for the next step in the study of sedimentary basin geotectonics.

Professor Nemec's course ranged from theory to practical skills, and the content is conveyed with rich materials, vivid images. It was easy to understand, and well received by the teachers and students. This short-term course not only helped to consolidate the postgraduate students’ theoretical knowledge of sedimentology and enhanced the relevant research skills, but also improved the internationalization level of postgraduate teaching in SES.

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