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Mihály Pósfai Visits SES and Gives a Series of Lectures

Editor: 邵丹蕾     Author: WANG Yuanyuan     Time: 2019-12-03      Number of visits :64

Invited by Professor LI Weijun from the Department of Atmospheric Sciences of SES, Member of Hungarian Academy of Science Mihály Pósfai from University of Pannonia visited our university from November 26 to 29, 2019. During his visit, Prof. Mihály Pósfai gave a series of lectures.

On November 26, Prof. Mihály Pósfai talked about “Synthesis and characterization of magnetic iron oxide and iron sulfide nanoparticles and biomimetic nanostructures”, using various transmission electron microscopy techniques to study the sizes, morphologies, structures, compositions, and magnetic properties of the particles.

On the morning of November 27, Prof. Mihály Pósfai gave a lecture on “Coating morphology influences absorption enhancement of soot particles” at Room 408 of Zijingang Campus. He pointed out that the internal mixing of soot woth other aerosols could enhance its optical absorption properties, further influence global climate. After the lecture, Prof. Mihály Pósfai visited the laboratory of atmospheric chemistry. On the topic of “Principles and techniques of common instruments for atmospheric chemistry research”, he shared with audiences about the tips for instruments usage and data processing skills. In the afternoon, Prof. Mihály Pósfai communicated with undergraduate students majoring in atmospheric sciences, and presented a report titled “Introduction of Hungary educational system, research, and potential study programs”. He talked about his education and research experiences, and analyzed the research status and exchange programs of the education system in Hungary.

On the morning of November 28, Prof. Mihály Pósfai's lecture was about “History of TEM in aerosol research, current research on tar balls, dimestic waste burning and magnetic aerosol particles”. He introduced the contribution and the latest progress of transmission electron microscopy (TEM), sharing the wonderful micro world under TEM with audiences.

On the morning of November 29, Prof. Mihály Pósfai introduced his research on environmental minerals by TEM. During the lecture, he also mentioned the significant progress made by researchers around the world in the area of environmental minerals by TEM, expanding audiences’ understanding of the application of TEM. In the afternoon, Prof. Mihály Pósfai offered a class named “Characterization of individual atmospheric aerosol particles, their roles in atmospheric processes and in global climate change”, showing the characteristics of aerosol particles and their impact on global climate change. This topic is a hotspot in the frontier research of atmospheric science.

The participants have gained a deeper understanding of the physical and chemical properties of atmospheric aerosols from the eight lectures he gave. In the meantime, Prof. Mihály Pósfai highly appreciated the research progress made by the graduate students from SES and provided them with valuable advice.

Online live streaming was also used for broadcasting the lectures for the first time. The live streaming further expanding the influence of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences of SES.

Lecture and discussion in Yuquan Campus on November 26

Teaching instrument skills in Zijingang Campus on the morning of November 27

The lecture for undergraduates at Zijingang Campus in the afternoon of November 27

Photo with teachers and students of SES

The lecture in Zijingang Campus in the afternoon of November 28

The lecture in Zijingang Campus on the morning of November 29

The discussion in Yuquan Campus in the afternoon of November 29

Screenshot of the online live streaming

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