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SES Successfully Summons a Session in AGU 2019 Fall Meeting

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Professor CHEN Hanlin from the tectonic geology team of School of Sciences, Zhejiang University successfully summoned the session "Circum-Tibetan Plateau Basin and Orogen Systems: Archives of Tectonic Deformation and Surface Processes" as primary convener during the 2019 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. The session included two oral sessions (T53A, T54A) and a poster session (T51D). Conveners of the session also included Sean Willett, member of the European Academy of Sciences, professor of ETH Zurich, Eric Kirby, professor of Oregon State University, SHI Xuhua, ZJU100 Young Professor.This session received enthusiastic responses from domestic and international experts and scholars. A number of internationally renowned experts and young scholars, including John Suppe, member of the American Academy of Sciences and professor of University of Houston. The number of abstract the session received ranked top 10 among all the sessions in the Tectonophysics Section.

Before the first oral session began, Professor CHEN Hanlin made an opening speech. Professor Chen introduced the background of summoning the session, and briefly expounded the background, scientific significance and the evolution process of the Circum-Tibetan Plateau Basin and Orogen Systems.

The first oral session was hosted by Associate Professor Yang Rong and ZJU100 Young Professor Shi Xuhua from Zhejiang University and Professor Sean Willett from ETH Zurich. Professor David Rowley from the University of Chicago, Researcher DENG Tao from the Institute of Paleovertebrate and Palaeoanthropology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Marc Jolivet from the University of Rennes, Dr. Li Lin, Academician of the American Academy of Sciences, Professor John Suppe from the University of Houston, Zhang Yuqing, Ph.D. candidate of Zhejiang University (presented by Associate Professor Lin Xiubin), Professor Hongwei Yin from Nanjing University, and Dr. Ma Jian from MIT gave oral presentations respectively during the session.

The second oral session was hosted by Associate Professor Lin Xiubin from Zhejiang University and Professor Eric Kirby from Oregon State University. Then Dr. Chen Dianbao from Lanzhou University, Researcher Li Haibing from Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Key Laboratory of Deep Dynamics of the Ministry of Natural Resources, and Wang Maomao from Hohai University Associate Professor, Professor He Dengfa from China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Associate Professor Yang Rong from Zhejiang University, Researcher Zhang Huiping from Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration, Professor Pieter van der Beek from Grenoble Alps University, Professor Yani Najman from Lancaster University gave their opresentations respectively.

A number of internationally renowned scholars and young scholars participated in the poster session. PhD student Yang Shaomei, Zhang Chenyu, Li Chunyang, and Yan Jiakai from Zhejiang University introduced their poster to audience during the session.

These sessions provided a platform for international scholars to participate in the research of the “Circular-Tibetan Plateau Basin and Mountain System” in the 100th Anniversary of the American Geophysical Union, attracting a large number of scholars to participate in the discussion. The successful convening of this topic further enhanced the academic influence of the School of Earth Sciences of Zhejiang University in the research area of the “Circular-Tibetan Plateau Basin and Mountain System”.

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