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The First Online Class Meeting in 2020

Editor: 邵丹蕾     Author:     Time: 2020-03-02      Number of visits :34

On February 17th, Li Weijun, the head teacher, and Zhao Mengying, the part-time counselor, organized a special class meeting for the students of class 1701, majoring in Atmospheric Sciences. The whole class gathered together before the beginning of the new semester through a video conference. Isolate the virus but not love. Through the new way of meeting, Dr. Li Weijun learned about the winter quarantine life of the students, Zhao Mengying answered the questions regarding studying at home.

In order to support the epidemic prevention and control, the students postponed going back to the campus. Although the learning style is changed, students' enthusiasm for learning remains the same. In order to better adapt to the new teaching method, Dr. Li also led the class to practice various online teaching methods online and cheer for the new semester.

After a month of fighting against the epidemic, Dr. Li and the students from class 1701 have some thoughts to share. Some stayed at home for quarantine and never went out to support the control methods of epidemic, and some volunteered to help take measures to control the epidemic in the local community.

A letter from Dr.Li Weijun

This Chinese New Year is different. China is fighting against an unprecedented Coronavirus epidemic. At this critical moment, tens of thousands medical workers stepped forward to fight against the virus. They left their parents and children, and resolutely walked into the isolation wards. Their stories have moved people all over the world, and their feats will be deeply imprinted in the historical process of the China.

At this critical moment, scientists are also using their knowledge to fight against the virus by quickly analyzing the virus to answer a series of questions about its characteristics, possible sources, transmission methods, etc. Thanks to the efforts of Chinese scientists, China's epidemic prevention and control has been a success.

Dear students, after this epidemic, no matter what kind of profession you will choose and what kind of achievements you will have in the future, always seek the truth, advocate for science, and use scientific laws and methods to solve problems. I believe the Coronavirus will be defeated eventually.

Dawn always comes after the dark. Let us wish those fighting the virus on the frontline all the best!

Doctor and Community Volunteer

Teng Xiaomi:

"My hometown, Tonglu, has a developed express industry. Many people work in Wuhan, and return home before the Spring Festival, which has brought a lot of pressure to the epidemic prevention. My father works at the infection department in a hospital. He has been continuously working for more than a month. He also volunteered to go to Wuhan to support the medical workers there. Although I’m worried, I understand my father’s responsibility as a doctor. After experiencing this epidemic, I realized that this sense of responsibility and mission exists in every ordinary person.

As a student majors in atmospheric sciences, I also noticed that meteorologists also contributed to the fight against the virus. They went to the frontline in Wuhan to set up weather stations to predict the weather conditions and provide support for the construction of the temporary hospital. When the concerns regarding 'aerosol transmission' arose, scholars started research and carried out scientific projects to find out this kind of transmission to fight against the epidemic. "

Tu Shaoxuan

A large number of businesspersons from my hometown Wenzhou do business in Wuhan, and a majority of them came back from Wuhan before Chinese New Year. Wenzhou then became one of the worst affected areas in the country. The city had to lock down and it brought a lot of pressure to the community workers. As a member of the Communist party, my father joined the volunteer team, and I volunteered to help.

Tu Shaoxuan and her father

My job was to take shifts to work at the main entrance, take the information of the passers-by including their temperature, and prohibit outsiders and vehicles from entering. Every two days, the city only allows one person from a family to go out purchasing daily necessities. I had to continuously explain and respond to the questions about how this works and tried to gain the community’s understanding and support. The security guards and community workers worked hard every day and we volunteers tried our best to help. Some from the community brought fruits to thank our hard work. A friend in need is a friend indeed. I believe we will defeat this virus eventually.”

Ding Hui:

"This was supposed to be a warm and harmonious Spring Festival, but we had to stop visiting relatives and friends. People in all walks of life have been working hard to fight against the virus. My village carried out 24-hour patrols, and my parents, together with other Communist party members, worked at the entrance of the village as volunteers. They often took their shifts after dinner to take people’s temperature at the entrance and returned home in the middle of the night. The epidemic is cruel but it cannot kill the love between people."

Quarantine life

Feng Binxin:

"There are no pedestrians on the road, and the whole city is quiet. As a university student travel from the university all the way back home, the government questioned me many times regarding my trip. After 14 days of quarantine, I was relieved and glad that I did not catch the virus on my trip and cause any trouble for my family and hometown. Now we have food delivered downstairs, and loudspeaker reminding people 'stay at home'. This small town in southwest China has been mobilized, and it started to show extraordinary courage and unity in front of the disasters, guarding every citizen's health and safety. "

She Zhisheng:

"Recently, people often joke about ‘contributing to the society by lying in bed’. Community workers and the police responded quickly and worked extremely hard during the lockdown to ensure people stay at home for quarantine. This epidemic tested our country's administrative capacity to respond to emergencies and the ability to mobilize, and it tested the people's ability to withstand stress. It shows that the country’s administrative efficiency has made great progress. The stories of leading figures in this epidemic such as doctors in Wuhan, the police, and the building workers who built the mobile cabin hospitals and temporary hospitals inspired everyone in this country. Now that the epidemic is under control, we shall be optimistic about the future ahead.

Get ready for online courses

Wang Songning:

"We will start to take online courses soon. Thanks to the infrastructure construction during the past decades, school and universities all over China could implement online courses. The rapid establishment and operation of the Internet platform shows China's great achievements in the Internet era. The whole country will achieve a comprehensive poverty alleviation this year.

However, with the network being so developed and convenient today, we still use hardcopy textbooks. In view of the advantages of e-books being portable, easy to sell, and easy to store, electronic version of textbooks should be promoted. This will not only promote more efficient knowledge distribution methods, but also contribute to the environment."

Zheng Huiyang:

"For learning process, interaction is important. Now the online courses brings the new challenge of interaction to the online classrooms and it challenges our self-discipline and independent learning. My advice is to maintain the same habits as on campus and pay attention to various notifications and information from the university in a timely manner. "

Wang Xuan:

"At present, several trial online classes based on the apps—DingTalk and Learning in Zhejiang University have shown that the university are well prepared for online courses, but some problems still remain, such as network delay. This will consume time during the formal class and affect the communication between teachers and students.

Online courses brings challenges to both teachers and students. We have to adapt to this learning method as soon as possible, and be self-disciplined when study independently. This is not only a challenge and but also an opportunity. We need to take the advantages and try to avoid the disadvantages of online courses."

Tenzin Queze:

"Taking online courses is a new experience for me. It is also a challenge. A huge advantage of the online classes is that you can review the recording after class if you did not catch up with the class. This is a brand new experience for us, and it could be an once-in-a-lifetime experience. We shall overcome the difficulties, do our best and leave no regrets. "

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