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Four openings of postdoc positions at the Zhejiang University

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Four openings of postdoc positions at the Zhejiang University

(Team of Structural Geology and Tectonics, School of Earth Sciences, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China)

Four openings forpostdoctoral positions are available in the Team of Structural Geology and Tectonics, the School of Earth Sciences, Zhejiang University, China.

1.Position Descriptions

Position 1: Physical and geodynamic numerical modeling of the Indian-Asian collisional processes

Contact Person: Prof. Hanlin CHEN (hlchen@zju.edu.cn); Prof. Xiubin LIN (linxb@zju.edu.cn), or Prof. Junfeng GONG (jfgong@zju.edu.cn).

Description: This study aims to understand the mechanisms driving the growth of large-scale continental orogens and associated deformation propagation processes, by integrating structural physical and geodynamic numerical modeling.

The successful candidate is expected to have a solid research background on physical analogue modeling based on geologic and geophysical constraints, and geodynamic numerical modeling based on deep structure and rheologic properties.

Position 2: Geological and geophysical constraints on the expansion process of the northern Tibetan Plateau

Contact Person: Prof. Xiubin LIN (linxb@zju.edu.cn) or Prof. Hanlin CHEN (hlchen@zju.edu.cn).

Description: How has the Tibetan Plateau’s northern margin been expanded is an important part of the plateau’s geologic evolution. This study attempts further understanding this process by combining geologic and geophysical constraints.

Candidates with solid background on the following subjects are encouraged to apply: geochronology (isotope chronology, thermochronology, paleomagnetic stratigraphy etc.), structural geology (field geologic mapping, structural interpretation of geophysical datasets), sedimentology (mainly on Cenozoic continental deposits), geophysics (mainly on the processing, interpretation and map construction of active-sourced petroleum seismic reflection datasets).

Position 3: Dynamic processes driving the multi-spatio-temporal-scale deformation and associated geomorphic response and geohazards

Contact Person: Dr. Xuhua SHI (shixuhua@zju.edu.cn), Prof. Hanlin CHEN (hlchen@zju.edu.cn), or Prof. Rong YANG (royang1985@zju.edu.cn).

Description: The SE Tibetan Plateau and its adjacent SE Asian regions develop numerous active fault systems. Studying the deformation and its associated deep tectonic processes, geomorphic response and geohazards are critical to understanding the crustal kinematics and geodynamics, and assessing geohazards within the broad region.

The successful candidate is expected to have a major part of the following research experiences: field structural mapping, paleoseismic excavation analysis, quantitative geomorphic analysis, GPS/InSAR data application, geochronology (C-14, OSL, Cosmogenic nuclides, thermochronology etc.), numerical and physical analogue modeling of landscape evolution.

Position 4: Physical analogue modeling on the response of surface deformation to faulting and rheological processes

Contact Person: Dr. Xuhua SHI (shixuhua@zju.edu.cn), or Prof. Xiaogan CHENG (chengxg@zju.edu.cn).

Description: This study aims to explore how faulting and rheologic processes affect the surface deformation in the SE Tibetan Plateau region, using physical analogue modeling under the normal and hypergravity conditions.

The successful candidate should be experienced with physical analogue modeling. Candidates who are familiar with the research background of the Tibetan Plateau and experienced with hypergravity modeling are more encouraged to apply.

2.Required Qualifications

  • Ph. D. or doctoral degree in geosciences or other related disciplines, awarded within the last 3 years

  • Record of research and peer-reviewed journal publication related to aforementioned job descriptions

  • Strong written and oral English or Chinese communication skills

  • Other required qualifications if applying the postdoc fellowships shown below.

3.Appointment Duration

2-3 years, negotiable for extension.

4.Postdoc Fellowships encouraged to apply

Candidates are encouraged to apply the following 2 competitive postdoc fellowships mainly funded by the Office of China Postdoc Council (OCPC).

5.Salary and Benefit

1) If the candidate is successfully funded by the “National Postdoctoral Program for Innovative Talents” or the “International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program”, the total salary and stipend is 300,000 RMB (before tax);

2) If the candidate shows excellency but not funded by the OCPC, the total salary and stipend is 200,000 RMB (before tax).

3) Successful applicants can apply for the university’s postdoc apartments, and pay pension and medical insurances etc. For more information, please refer to the university’s postdoc office website, http://hr.zju.edu.cn/postdoctor/.

6. Materials to Submit

1) Personal curriculum vitae;

2) Current employment certificate;

3) Certificates for academic degrees and graduation;

4) Research accomplishments (peer-reviewed papers, books, awards etc.);

5) Two letters of recommendation from the candidates’ research field. For foreign nationalities or Chinese who have obtained doctoral degrees abroad, at least 1 letter of recommendation provided by experts in foreign institutions.

7. Review Date

1 Jul, 2020 (until positions filled)

8. Employment Policy

Zhejiang University is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from qualified individuals of all ethnic background and from all nationalities. Candidates passed the initial review process will be interviewed. More detailed information about the School of Earth Sciences and Zhejiang University can be found at: http://earth.zju.edu.cn/ and http://www.zju.edu.cn/english/.

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