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World-Renowned Scientist Ho-Kwang Mao joins Zhejiang University as Honorary Professor

Editor: 邵丹蕾     Author:     Time: 2020-12-25      Number of visits :310

On the morning of December 18th, the appointment ceremony of Dr. Ho-Kwang Mao as honorary professor of Zhejiang University was successfully held in Zijingang Campus. Dr. Ho-Kwang Mao and his wife Agnes Liu Mao, He Lianzhen, Vice President of Zhejiang University, the leadership of the Office of GlobaI Engagement and the School of Earth Sciences, and more than 200 faculty and students attended the ceremony. The appointment ceremony was presided over by Xia Qunke, the Dean of the School of Earth Sciences.

He Lianzhen expressed her warm welcome and sincere thanks to Dr. Ho-Kwang Mao on behalf of the university. She pointed out that the joining of Dr. Ho-Kwang Mao will provide strong support for accelerating the development of Zhejiang University into a world-class geoscience research and talent training base. Subsequently, He Lianzhen issued a letter of appointment to Dr. Ho-Kwang Mao and wore the university badge for Dr. Ho-Kwang Mao.

Dr. Ho-Kwang Mao said in his speech that he has a deep connection with Zhejiang University and will do his best to contribute to the development of the university in the future.

After the appointment ceremony, Dr. Ho-Kwang Mao gave a lecture as part of the Zhejiang University Global Lecture Series on the topic of Transformative Research under High Pressure in Science . At the end of the lecture, faculty and students had an in-depth exchange with Dr. Ho-Kwang Mao on the personal development of young scientists and the choice of research fields, etc.

Finally, Li Min, the director of the Office of Global Engagement, awarded Dr. Ho-Kwang Mao with the certificate of the Zhejiang University Global Lecture Series.

Dr. Ho-Kwang Mao is foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a member of the US National Academy of Sciences, and foreign academician of the British Royal Society. He has long been engaged in high-pressure science and technology research. He has created a series of world-renowned work in the interdisciplinary fields of high-pressure experimental technology, high-pressure physics, earth and interplanetary science, high-pressure chemistry, high-pressure materials science, etc., and has been leading the development of high-pressure science and technology for half a century. Dr. Ho-Kwang Mao has been supporting China's science and education for decades, and has made outstanding contributions to the training of China's science and technology talents. He was awarded the Friendship Award by the Chinese government in 2002.

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